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4 Everett Rd. Ext., Albany, NY 12205

Joseph E. Zaloga Post 1520








2018-2019 Officers


Commander:  James Prime

1st Vice Commander:  Dave Bishop Sr.

2nd Vice Commander:  John Benoit

 3rd Vice Commander:   Frankie Aquado Jr.

Adjutant:  Robert Myrtle

Treasurer:  Frank Aguado, Sr.

Historian:  Alex Gillies

Sgt-at-Arms:  Joe Eworonsky & Bernie Horlocher

Membership:  Dave Bishop Sr.

Chaplain:  Howie Hasenbien

Color Guards:  Dave Bishop Jr. , Dan Bishop,

Kevin Kelly and Frank Aquado Jr.

Advisors:  Jerry Perry and Harvey Martel


As Sons of the American Legion, Squadron 1520 strives to promote a sense of individual obligation to our community, state and nation.

During this past year Squadron 1520 achieved many accomplishments: volunteering, sponsoring many efforts of need that support our Veterans and their families with items and cash in the amount of more than $2,100. 

Remember dues are being collected for 2016.

 The Squadron is interested in more members selling 50/50 tickets, as the proceeds are used to fund our endeavors.

The Joseph E. Zaloga American Legion Post 1520, Joseph E. Zaloga Unit 1520 American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion Squadron 1520 are the proud sponsors of a Hospice Room at the Stratton VA Hospital in Albany New York.  This sponsorship was made possible by the generous donation of $3,000 by the American Legion, a $1,000 donation by Auxiliary Unit 1520 and a $1,000 donation from Squadron 1520.  We are pleased to support the health and emotional needs of our veterans and their families.

The Zaloga American Legion Post 1520 membership is proud of our Squadron 1520 accomplishments and their generosity to veteran and youth programs. The Zaloga Post 1520 Squadron is very active as shown by its consolidated report in 2015.  The Squadron has achieved making many contributions to veterans, veterans cause and support to the community, state and nation.  For instance, they participate in Albany County American Legion Bowling, volunteer for the Legion Oratorical contest, participate in flag ceremonies, Veterans Day Parade, Memorial Day Parade, place flags on veteran graves, donate to the American Legacy Scholarship, assist in Education programs, participate in Red Cross and Juniors programs, appear with their Color Guard at many Legion and community events, are represented on VAVS, provide cash contributions to Child Welfare and Support Our Troops programs. 


We are proud of their success.




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